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In an effort to fulfill a promise made to his children in 1959, Carl L. Duaine began researching the family history of his mother, Leocadia Rios,the daughter of Juan Rios and Macedonia Ramirez, both natives of Mier, Mexico. His aim was to leave his children a written record of that history, but the goal soon expanded into a detailed narration of the first permanent settlers in northeastern Mexico. His research involved gathering material from church and civil records and from documents found in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Durango and Zacatecas.

Nearly 20 years later With All Arms, a book that was the fulfillment of that earlier sworn promise, was published. It has since become known as a seminal work on the history of the people who settled northern Mexico and Texas. Today, the 2nd Edition of With All Arms has been meticulously updated, expanded and published by Laurence A. Duaine, son of the original author. This book is an important resource for the family historian and genealogical researcher, for those interested in studying the origins of Texas, and for anyone interested in the true story of the grit and fortitude of the people whose lives have so greatly effected the Northern Mexico and Southern United States of today.

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